Growzeri has easy returns and refund policy which allows customers to return any product if they are not of satisfactory quality or contains any defect. Customers have to return the product at the time of delivery to enable us to communicate the defect to the concerned manufacturer/company. It is also requested that a user should check if the product seal is intact (i.e. not broken) while accepting the order to avoid any kind of damage related complaints post-delivery.

A credit note will be issued for the value of returned products which will be credited to your account on the website. This can be used to pay your subsequent purchase from Growzeri.

The total value of returned products can be seen under “My Returns” in the website. The total value should be used during the next subsequent order made in the website. Fragmenting of the total value amount is not possible. If there is amount available in My Cash Wallet and My Returns, clubbing of both is not allowed.